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Salone · Michigan Escort

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once upon a time.... there was a woman

Sensual.Cultured.Intuitive. And gifted in the art of pleasure—at every level. My name is Salone . In our time together, I fully devote myself to your satisfaction. Whether we share an elegant dinner together discussing art and the Wall Street Journal or nights exploring our bodies in an intimate, erotic dance, you will receive my undivided attention. My goal is to offer you the most blissful pleasure, effortless companionship, and fantasy fulfillment you can imagine.

Bliss. Relaxation. Kink. Rapture. Softness. Sweetness. Naughtiness. I will give you what you ask for, what you need, what you desire…escape into a dreamy, sensorially nuanced, private world where your enjoyment is paramount.

Let me indulge you, pamper you, tease you: my cosmopolitan, engaging attitude, incredible sense of humour, and perfectly groomed, velvety body make me a charismatic, authentic, and unforgettably sexy companion. From supernovas to extreme sports, Edna St. Vincent Millay to WIRED, I offer a well-rounded, sophisticated yet unpretentiously sensual type of companionship.

In my late 30’s, 5’6 and 125 pounds, I keep my ethereal, soft, sleek, porcelain skinned physique toned and healthy with outdoor activities from hiking to paddle boarding. I have aquatic grey blue eyes and vibrantly flaxen blond hair—whether worn in a sleek bob or luxuriously long waves, it’s always impeccably kept. My personal style reflects an edgy, modern, on-trend look.

Zodiac 101: I am an Aries: engaging, entertaining, and vibrant. I enjoy visiting art galleries, travel, literature, make a mouth watering dinner and know exactly how to pair a glass of Chardonnay. Together, you can expect us to share in mutual pleasure, effortless delight, and hours of bliss.

Website coming soon.

My availability is variable. I am based in Detroit, Michigan, U.S.A,

You will need to be verified prior to any booking. For verification purposes, please include 2 provider references—a website URL to make the verification process easier. Please note that verification is imperative and taken seriously. I will preform a discreet work verification if necessary. I can provide a vanilla email address for this purpose to ensure absolute discretion.

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